Four Signs That It’s Time to Change Jobs

When is it time to quit?

The question occupies nearly every worker at some point in their career. The urge to stick with the job you have – even when you know it’s not quite right – can be strong, but often the desire to get back on the career path that inspires you simply won’t go away. Here are four signs that it’s time to listen to that inner voice and start looking for a job change.

  1. You’re bored with everything. Every job has the occasional task no one wants to tackle. But if nothing that crosses your desk sparks your interest and you see no way to move into a more challenging position with your current company, it might be time to look for a new employer.
    Boredom at work does more than simply bother you. It also slows down your career and cuts deeply into your productivity, reducing your chances of pulling the glowing references you’ll need to land your dream job. If there’s no love left in your current job, make your day more interesting by seeing what other opportunities are available.
  2. You’ve hit the ceiling. Whether or not you’ve “tapped out” the interest in your current job, if you know you cannot get promoted or transferred productively from your current position, it’s time to consider switching employers. During your annual performance review, or during a meeting you schedule with your supervisor, talk about your options for advancement and make a concrete plan to move toward it. If you’re told there are no options – or if you meet or exceed every step of the plan but a promotion isn’t in the works – consider finding an employer who can help you advance.
  3. You’ve found an opening that offers a better “fit.” A “better” job isn’t always one that pays more. A job working in a culture that fits your style, one that offers the non-traditional benefits you need to optimize your work-life balance, or one that gives you more chances to pursue your own projects within the company’s larger framework may all be “better” than the job you currently have, especially if your current job doesn’t offer the same “fit.”
  4. Big changes mean little hope for improvement. Like people, companies change over time. Sometimes the changes improve your job – but sometimes, they make it considerably worse. If a big change like hiring scores of new employees, putting you with an incompatible boss, or changing your workflow have made your job miserable, it’s time to take the proactive step toward looking for new work.

Working with a staffing firm can help you clarify your goals and re-focus your career path with an employer who supports you. At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you make the job change you need while keeping your search confidential. Contact us today to learn more about our career opportunities in Saint Paul and beyond!

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