Making a Great Impression From Day One

Congratulations! You’ve survived the interview process, negotiated a successful job offer, and you’re about to start your first day on your new job. The hard work of job-seeking is over; now it’s time to focus on how to make a great first impression during your first day on the job.

What does your new employer want to see from their newest hire? Keep these tips in mind as you plan to “hit the ground running” on day one:

Arrive early, stay late.

By arriving early, you demonstrate that you care about your co-workers’ time and that you’re committed to doing well on the job. You also give yourself some extra time to find your workspace, figure out where to put your personal belongings, and get a head start on any remaining paperwork. By staying late, you demonstrate that you’re willing to put in the time it takes to get “on board” as quickly as possible, so you can contribute your best work.

Keep a positive attitude.

On the first day, you’re likely to meet a great many people and receive a great deal of new information. Remember to approach it all with a pleasant, enthusiastic demeanor. You’ll establish that you’re easy to work with, impressing your colleagues and your new boss. You’ll also help your brain remember this information better: studies show that we recall things we approach optimistically far better than those we treat with pessimism.

Ask for help.

It’s tempting to try to defeat any first-day nerves by projecting total confidence. But you’re the newest person on the team: your co-workers know that you don’t know everything, and they will probably prefer that you ask questions rather than risk making a mistake. Asking for help demonstrates that you know where your weaknesses are and you want to work as a team – both signs of strength in your first days on the job.

Be social, but avoid gossip.

Connect with your coworkers in order to learn more about them as people and to demonstrate that you’re a team player. But avoid getting sucked into office politics and gossip – it can only hurt you in the long run. If a new co-worker insists on gossiping, reserve judgment until you really get to know everyone involved.

Keep in touch with your recruiter.

Drop your recruiter a quick email to let them know how your first week at work is going. Your staffing firm is a great professional networking connection to have, so stay in touch!

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters will help you through each step of the job-seeking process, so you’re prepared to give your very best on the first day of your new job. Contact us to learn more or browse our jobs in St Paul and beyond today!

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