Job Searching in the Twin Cities? Top Digital Resources You Should Use

If you’re looking for a job in the greater Minneapolis area, you’ve probably already reached out to the traditional sources: job ads, your professional network, and an experienced recruiter.

While these are great resources for any job search, they don’t cover all the available sources.  Digital resources offer additional opportunities to identify and target promising employers.  By identifying and using these resources, you can “supercharge” your job search to find the job that really fits your skills, experience, and career goals.

If you’re looking for work in the Twin Cities, don’t miss these top digital resources:

Social Media Sites

Social media makes it easier than ever to connect with your own network, as well as to reach fellow professionals and hiring managers.  While top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer chances to reach out to those you know, don’t forget to update and use your profile on LinkedIn.  As the only social media site focused on the professional world, LinkedIn connects business professionals in a wide range of professions.  Its forums and discussions offer you the chance to both connect with fellow professionals and to learn from them, boosting your knowledge as well as your presence.

KARE 11 Segments

In the Twin Cities area, connecting with job search news, openings, and advice is as easy as turning on the news.  THE RIGHT STAFF has partnered with KARE 11 to create “job search” segments that offer advice on navigating the job search process, as well as tips and links to job openings and hiring trends in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  You can find the latest job search tips and advice on KARE 11 section of THE RIGHT STAFF’s blog.

Job Alerts

Job alerts notify you automatically when a promising job is posted to a particular job board or other site.  Setting up job alerts can be as simple as filling out the sign-up form on a job board.  When a job that fits your parameters is posted, the site lets you know, giving you the chance to view postings immediately.  Work with your recruiter to tailor your job search further.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters offer their personal and professional experience to job-seekers, as well as our digital resources, to help you find the next step on your career path.  Contact us today to learn more!

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