Pick Your Staffing Partner Wisely – How Does Your Partner Treat Their Employees?

When you choose a staffing partner, you’re probably focused on how well your potential partner treats its clients – companies in the same position as yours, seeking temporary, contract, or direct-to-hire candidates.  While you should consider whether your staffing partner treats your company well, you should also look at how your staffing partner treats another crucial group: its temporary workers.

The best temporary workers come from staffing firms that value and care for their employees.  With the support of their staffing firm behind them, these workers arrive at each assignment with better preparation, more motivation, and a better overall package of skills and abilities.  They’re prepared for maximum productivity and more likely to stick with the project until its completion.

What signs “give away” a staffing firm that treats its employees well?

  • It classifies its employees appropriately.  Classifying a worker as an “employee” versus an “independent contractor” isn’t a black-and-white scenario.  But if a staffing firm represents its available-for-contract workers as employees, it should legally classify them as such – and treat them as such when it comes to paychecks, taxes, supervision, and training.
  • It provides training and other opportunities.  Many staffing firms take on the responsibility of providing basic safety training for employees.  While you should not rely on a staffing firm to provide all necessary training, your contract workers should arrive with a general sense of how to protect and support themselves and others on the job.  Other support opportunities, like mentoring or access to continuing education classes, indicate a staffing firm that is going above and beyond to make its workforce the best it can be.
  • Its employees speak well of the firm.  Contract workers who are treated well are more likely to talk, and to talk well, about the staffing firm that employs them.  By contrast, contract workers who say nothing or who complain are probably facing a tough situation with their staffing firm.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, we not only find the best candidates for temporary work, but we treat them as members of our family.  Contact us today to learn more!

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