Dispelling The Myth: Do Employment Firms Cost Money?

At first glance, working with a staffing firm seems like yet another case of paying someone else to do what you can accomplish yourself.  In fact, an experienced recruiter can help you save significant money on the hiring process.

In addition to taking the search for top candidates out of your hands, your recruiter provides several substantial cost benefits, including:

Saving money by filling open positions faster.

When an employee leaves, the resulting job opening costs the company money every day a qualified individual is not available.  The costs, however, aren’t merely financial.  As long as the position is vacant, other employees must pitch in to cover the essential duties belonging to the open position.  The longer this “temporary” situation goes on, the more likely it is your remaining employees will become overworked and suffer from increased stress, reducing their productivity and motivation – and increasing the chances one of them will leave as well.

Your recruiter is usually able to fill an open position faster than your company can on its own.  Their experience in screening candidates and extensive network of qualified candidates allows them to find better talent faster.  With your recruiter’s help, you’ll be able to fill an open position more quickly, stopping the loss of money, motivation, and productivity.

Paying your staff to work, not recruit.

For most companies, hiring is a task that distracts from other valuable work.  Time spent searching for qualified candidates, screening applicants, contacting references, conducting interviews, and choosing the most promising candidates is all time your employees could be spending doing other work.

When your recruiter takes over these tasks, your own employees can focus on the work that keeps your company’s finances healthy.  Meanwhile, your recruiter taps into an extensive network of qualified candidates to give you better options faster.

Finding better candidates means better results.

When you work with a recruiter, you gain access to a larger network of qualified applicants, including several highly qualified candidates you may never have found otherwise.  Many recruiters include among their contacts a number of “passive job seekers” – people who aren’t actively searching for a new job, but who will take the right position if it becomes available.  Access to these types of job seekers expands your candidate selection pool tremendously.  It also increases the chances that you’ll find an even better employee than you would have found among active job-seekers only.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, our experienced recruiters can help you save time, money, and effort – and find better candidates in the process.  Contact us today to learn more.

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