How to Highlight Your Drive and Ethics in Job Interviews

Describing your skills and qualifications in a job interview is relatively easy: simply choose the best examples of your accomplishments at each job and talk about them with enthusiasm.  Highlighting your drive and work ethic in an interview can be more difficult, but it’s not impossible.

Although many hiring managers will ask outright about your drive or work ethic, you can and should talk about yourself and your experiences in a way that demonstrates your commitment throughout your interview.  To highlight your drive and ethics in a job interview, consider the following tips:

  • Read the company’s mission statement.  The mission statement and statements of the company’s values and goals will tell you what specific traits and accomplishments the organization values.  With this information in mind, you can frame your discussion of your own drive and work ethic in a light that aligns with the company’s own ethical priorities.
  • Prepare examples.  Just as you might prepare examples of successful projects, think about examples from your professional past that highlight your drive and work ethic.  When did you stay late to ensure your team met a deadline, or “go above and beyond” to help a customer or client?  If you are new to the job market or are returning from a period of unemployment, consider examples from your schooling or volunteer work that demonstrate your perseverance and commitment to doing a job right.
  • Consider all the aspects of “work ethic.”  Although drive and work ethic typically bring to mind qualities like perseverance and dedication, a solid work ethic also encompasses traits like a positive outlook, demonstrating respect to co-workers and clients, and honesty and fair dealing.  Examples that show how you chose to take the harder but fair route over cutting corners to save effort demonstrate that you possess these values as well as a commitment to hard work.
  • Talk to your recruiter.  Your recruiter can offer insight into the company’s mission, goals, and values, as well as the type of drive and work ethic that will fit well into its company culture.  Don’t hesitate to rely on your recruiter’s resources when considering how to discuss your own work ethic in an interview.

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