Four Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Job

The job search is a job in and of itself – and a tough one.  Often, by the time you have a job offer in hand, you have put in many hours polishing your resume, writing cover letters, networking with coworkers and friends, attending interviews, and sending follow-up notes or email.

With so much work into the process, the final product shouldn’t be “just any” job offer.  It should be a position that meets your needs professionally and personally.  Your new job should fit your work style, your lifestyle, and your career goals.

How do you know whether you’re making the right decision when you say “yes” to a job offer?  Ask yourself these four key questions before you accept:

  1. Does this job give me the opportunity to keep learning and growing in my field?  Your new job should provide opportunities for learning and advancement.  You should have clear chances to develop your skills, learn new abilities related to your career, and move forward on your career path.  If the job offer you’re looking at looks like it heads toward a dead end, reconsider taking the offer.
  2. Will I enjoy working with this group of colleagues and supervisors?  The people you’ll be working with will become a significant part of your life, as a significant number of your waking hours are spent with them – both inside and outside the office.  Are these people you feel you can get along with?  Will you enjoy sharing your successes with them and analyzing your defeats so as to come back stronger?  If so, the job offer may be one you want to accept.
  3. Can I achieve the work-life balance I want in this position?  Career is a significant part of many people’s lives and personal identities, but it is rarely a person’s entire life.  Consider your home life, family plans, and hobbies, and compare them to the demands of the position.  Can you make everything work together?  If not, this may not be the job for you.
  4. Do I believe in the company’s work and mission?  No matter how great the opportunities, people, and work-life balance is in the proffered job, work in a field you don’t care about or for a company you distrust isn’t likely to keep you engaged in the long term.  If you love what the company does and how it does it, however, you may have found your new career “home.”

If you’re looking for a new job, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC.  We will assist you through all steps of the job-search process, from polishing your resume to deciding whether to accept a job offer.  Contact us today to learn more!

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