Starting a New Job? Follow the 30/60/90 Day Rule

Starting a new job is a source of stress, no matter how excited you are for this new opportunity.  A new job means a change in routine and a steep learning curve while you meet your new co-workers, learn the routines of a new workplace, and learn to juggle your new job responsibilities with your current life.

How can you turn this new challenge into an advantage?  By planning ahead.  Implement the 30-60-90 day rule to plot out your first days and weeks on the job.  You’ll minimize the stress changes bring and prepare yourself for success from your very first day.

How Does It Work?

The 30-60-90 day rule is so named because it focuses on career planning in the crucial first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job – about three months.  Deciding how you’re going to tackle each of these first three months can help you prepare for a great start to a great career.

30 Days: The Learning Stage

The first 30 days on any job are full of learning your new duties and responsibilities, as well as memorizing how work is structured within the organization.  Most workers stop here, never considering the benefits of devoting some serious study in the first 30 days to learning about the organization’s strategic plan.

Understanding the strategic plan gives you two benefits: it helps you understand how the tasks you do fit into the bigger picture, and it helps you plan your own career so that it is indispensable to the company.  With this knowledge under your belt, you’re in a much stronger position to make your career work for you.

60 Days: Showcasing Your Skills

Once you have a strong grip on the company’s strategy, goals, and culture, start to showcase your own skills.  Begin building your personal brand within the company by volunteering to tackle tasks you know you can do well.  Start communicating more by contributing to conversations and making yourself available for conversations ranging from technical discussions to lunchroom chats.  Take on some tasks outside your job requirements, but stay aware of your boss’s expectations of you.

90 Days: Transform Your World

At the 90-day stage, you’ve learned what the company’s goals are and how your position fits with them.  You’ve started contributing in the arenas in which you are most skilled, and you’re probably itching to take on a stronger leadership position and make your mark on the company.  Now is the time to start looking for opportunities to do just that.  Analyze your growth, reward yourself for progress, and make plans to tackle areas of weakness.  Expand your clout in the organization by joining a committee or board.  Delving into professional development opportunities is also an important step to take at the 90-day mark.

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