Using a Follow-Up Email to Differentiate Yourself as a Top Candidate

If you are like many job-seekers, you walk out of an interview with a sigh of relief. The hard part is over, and you can relax – right?

In fact, although the interview has ended, your job – staying top-of-mind as a top candidate – needs one more task in order to be complete: the follow-up note.  Email is the quickest way to follow up on your interview, reminding the hiring manager of your skills, experience, and interest in the position while helping you stand out from candidates who fail to follow up in a prompt and courteous manner.  Sending this simple email can help you stand out from the pack and land the job offer you’re looking for.

What should you include in your follow-up email?  Consider the following tips:

  • Say thank you.  Saying thank you is the most obvious place to start, and it’s also the simplest.  “I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with me” gives you a solid jumping-off point and also communicates the most important part of your message.
  • Restate your interest in the position and the company.  A brief statement noting that you’re interested in the job and the company gives you a chance to remind the hiring manager which position you interviewed for and to underline your enthusiasm for the job.
  • Underline one or two key skills.  What sets you apart from other candidates?  Which of your skills or experiences was the hiring manager particularly interested in during your interview?  If one or two of these stand out, don’t hesitate to mention them again in your thank-you email.
  • Mention anything you missed.  If there was something you wanted to say in the interview but didn’t, you can mention it in your email. Keep it brief to avoid burying the hiring manager in details.
  • Summarize the next steps.  The hiring manager may have mentioned the next step in the interview, but even if he or she did not, you can use the thank-you email to mention what you would like to happen next.
  • Proofread your email.  Check your email over for spelling and grammar before you hit send.  If you don’t trust your own proofreading abilities, ask a friend or family member to look at it for you.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters do more than merely help you find job openings.  We also help you polish your resume, prepare for your interviews, and follow up on promising leads in a confident and positive manner.  Contact us today to learn more!

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