How You Can Best Recognize Your Employees This Holiday Season

How You Can Best Recognize Your Employees This Holiday Season | THE RIGHT STAFF

Recognizing your employees during the holiday season is important. They are the ones who keep your company operating.

Expressing employee appreciation boosts engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include greater job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates.

Providing thoughtful, relevant recognition shows you value and appreciate your employees’ contributions and results. These activities help finish the year with gratitude, togetherness, and optimism for an outstanding 2024.

Choose among these ideas to best recognize your employees this holiday season:

Organize a Virtual Gift Exchange

Ask your employees to write down the name of a colleague who knows them well. Then, assign each employee a colleague to provide personalized, meaningful gifts.

Include a budget and prepaid labels for your employees to ship their gifts to each other. Also, encourage your employees to share photos and tag each other in your company channel.

Provide an Experiential Gift

Gift each employee with an experience that fits their personality, interests, and lifestyle. Examples include day spa treatments, cooking classes, and mix-and-match fitness classes. The memories can last forever.

Set Up a Holiday Potluck

Schedule a time for your employees to participate in a potluck lunch. Encourage them to bring in their favorite holiday dishes and share their traditions.

Send a survey to your employees in advance to determine whether anyone has food allergies or dietary preferences. Also, ask everyone to indicate the dish they plan to bring to avoid duplicates.

Volunteer as a Team

Encourage your employees to volunteer for an event with a local nonprofit organization. Giving back to the community helps everyone experience generosity and gratitude during the holiday season.

Tour the Local Lights

Encourage your local employees to schedule a time to meet up and drive through the neighborhoods that go all-out with holiday decorations. Consider providing sign-up sheets and helping match your local employees with each other. Or, ask your employees to volunteer to lead the event.

Driving through the local area helps your employees explore, bond, and make meaningful holiday memories. Encourage your employees to take pictures and share them on your company’s communication channel(s).

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