Dos and Don’ts When Engaging with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Dos and Don'ts When Engaging with Recruiters on LinkedIn | THE RIGHT STAFF

There are actions you should and should not take when engaging with recruiters on LinkedIn. Following these best practices increases the odds of a recruiter working with you to find your next opportunity.

Recruiters may use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates for a client’s job opening. Or, they might use the site to evaluate candidates they found through a job application, resume submission, or referral.

As a result, you should understand how to properly engage with recruiters and LinkedIn to optimize your job search success. These suggestions can help.

Follow these dos and don’ts when engaging with recruiters on LinkedIn.

Do: Optimize Your Profile

Keep your LinkedIn profile current, accurate, and reflective of your personal brand. Include your current and past job titles, skills, experience, accomplishments, and keywords related to your job and industry. These elements help recruiters find and engage with you about opportunities.

Don’t: Forget to Use Keywords

Recruiters typically look for relevant keywords in candidate profiles. Therefore, if your LinkedIn profile lacks the essential skills the recruiter seeks, they likely will engage with other candidates for opportunities.

You can improve your profile by using a tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner to identify which keywords are frequently used in job postings that appeal to you. Then, you can include the relevant keywords in your profile to attract recruiters’ attention.

Do: Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Features

You can use LinkedIn’s advanced search features to find recruiters specializing in your industry. You might search for recruiters by location, keywords, or companies. Then, you can connect with the relevant recruiters who can help with your job search.

Don’t: Forget to Highlight Your Skills

Many recruiters use Skills searches to find candidates. Therefore, you need relevant keywords in your Skills section for recruiters to find and engage with you.

Do: Connect with Recruiters

You might consider reconnecting with a recruiter you previously worked with or asking your network for recommendations. You also can search LinkedIn for recruiters that specialize in your industry.

Then, send a connection request and personalized message to each recruiter you want to engage with. Mention how you found the recruiter and why you would like to connect. Include whether you have a mutual connection or shared interest.

Don’t: Send General Requests

Avoid the following in InMail or direct messages:

  • Questions you can answer with quick research
  • A blanket request for job search assistance
  • A lengthy message

Instead, include the following in InMail or direct messages:

  • A clear request
  • A personalized message tailored to the recruiter
  • Professionalism

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