Need Help Organizing? How to Better Prioritize Tasks

Need Help Organizing? How to Better Prioritize Tasks | THE RIGHT STAFF

Are you spending time being busy at work but not accomplishing your goals? If so, you may need help organizing so you can better prioritize tasks.

Organizing and prioritizing your tasks provides a guide for what you want to get done each day. This improves your engagement, productivity, and performance. It also helps you feel accomplished while working toward your goals.

Follow these guidelines to help organize and better prioritize your tasks:

List Your Tasks

Write down all of your work tasks for the week. Examples include checking email, working on projects, participating in meetings, and talking with your manager.

Write Down Your Goals

List your short- and long-term professional goals. Examples include finishing a project, earning a promotion, and changing jobs. Understanding what you are working toward helps determine which tasks to engage in to reach your objectives.

Consider breaking down your large goals into smaller, time-sensitive goals. This may include monthly tasks that can be broken down into weekly activities and daily priorities. You can use these details to create a timeline to achieve them.

Set Deadlines

Include the deadlines for each of your weekly tasks. This helps determine which tasks should be completed and when.

If a task does not have a deadline, consider creating one aligned with your goals. This increases your odds of completing the task at a reasonable time and attaining your goals.

Prioritize Your Tasks  

Categorize each task by how urgent and important it is. Then, prioritize your tasks by urgency and importance:

  • Urgent and important tasks should be completed first.
  • Important but not urgent tasks should be scheduled during your uninterrupted time.
  • Urgent but unimportant tasks should be delegated.
  • Neither urgent nor important tasks should be removed from your list.

Complete One Task at a Time

Focus on completing a task before moving to the next one. This increases your productivity and minimizes errors.

The brain cannot function well when quickly moving between tasks. It needs time to focus on the task at hand before focusing on another task.

Maintain Productivity

If you feel overwhelmed by the number or complexity of your tasks, begin by completing your tasks that require minimal time and effort. Then, move on to your harder, more time-consuming tasks. Cross off each task when it is finished.

Creating a sense of accomplishment provides motivation to move on to other tasks. This promotes productivity throughout the day.

Regularly Review Your List

Be realistic about what you can accomplish each day. Since distractions are not always avoidable, you might not accomplish all that you intend to.

Maintain realistic expectations for your daily productivity. This increases feelings of prioritization, organization, and accomplishment. It also lets you work on the tasks that help you reach your goals.

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