Reevaluating Your Goals from the Start of the Year

Reevaluating Your Goals from the Start of the Year | THE RIGHT STAFF

Like most employees, you likely set goals at the beginning of the year. You had great intentions for the upcoming months and wanted to make the most of your time.

However, you probably let work, family, and social activities take over your schedule. If so, your goal attainment may have been put aside for a bit.

Fortunately, you can take the time now to check back on your goals. See where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there. This should encourage you to reflect on what you still want to accomplish, update your plan of action, and move forward along your path.

Follow these guidelines to reevaluate your New Year goals and continue to make progress in reaching them.

Do Your Goals Still Align with What You Want?

What you wanted at the beginning of the year might not be what you want now. As your circumstances change, you may change your mind about what is important to you.

If you feel that one or more of your goals have changed since the year began, think about how and why they changed. Perhaps a major event caused you to rethink what you truly value. Or, maybe you took a sudden interest in something you had not considered previously.

If you find that a goal no longer serves you, cross it off your list. Replace it with a goal you are passionate about. Working toward your new goal will create stronger alignment with your future self.

Are You on Track with Your Timelines?

Focus on how well you have been reaching your milestones for each goal. Keep in mind that you likely are off track with meeting at least some of your objectives.

What matters is that you continue to work toward the goals you still want to attain. This lets you focus your time on what you want to do, be, and have by a set time. It also lets you maintain alignment with what matters most to you.

Do You Feel Fulfilled by the Goals You Reached?

Think about how fulfilled you are by the goals you accomplished. Although they all felt right when you set them, you might not be satisfied with every goal you reached.

If you feel unfulfilled after attaining a goal, you still should take pride in having worked to achieve it. You also should focus on what you learned about yourself along the way. You can use this to help fulfill your other goals.

Continue to Make Progress

Remain moving forward to reach your goals. Be sure you stop along the way to reevaluate your progress. Reflect on where you are, what you accomplished, and where you want to go. This provides motivation to continue to work for what you want.

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