Why a Hybrid Schedule Can Help with Your Work-Life Structure

Why a Hybrid Schedule Can Help with Your Work-Life Structure | THE RIGHT STAFF

According to a recent Gallup report, 53% of survey respondents expect their companies to continue providing a long-term hybrid schedule. These employees can continue to work remotely or onsite for a set number of days per week. This flexibility lowers employee stress levels, decreases physical and mental health concerns, and reduces burnout.

Fortunately, many employers provide a hybrid schedule to support the work-life structure that their employees desire. These employers benefit from having their employees work partly onsite to sustain company culture and team performance.

Discover Why a Hybrid Schedule Can Help with Your Work-Life Structure 

Reduced Need to Commute

Having a hybrid schedule means you do not have to take the time to get ready for work each day, travel to the office, and return home. This gives you control over where, when, and how you complete your work.

The freedom to work according to your schedule provides flexibility to create the work-life structure that best fits your lifestyle. The ability to fill your unique needs and interests increases your job satisfaction and tenure with the company.

Strong Desire for Employee Connection  

Living in a digital world increases your need to connect with colleagues and coworkers in person. This supports company culture and helps you feel like a valued member of the organization.

In-office interactions promote camaraderie and collaboration between you and your colleagues and coworkers. Building these connections enhances your performance, job satisfaction, and longevity within the organization.

Enhanced Employee Well-Being

A recent Gallup report showed that 61% of respondents included well-being as an important factor in deciding where to work. This is one reason why many employees prefer having a hybrid schedule to support their work-life structure.

According to recent data from Ergotron, 75% of respondents were better able to focus on their health while working remotely than when they worked completely onsite. These respondents reported moving more frequently and having a more active workstyle because they work a few days each week remotely.

A hybrid schedule allows you to blend your personal responsibilities with your professional duties. The ability to accomplish what needs to be done each week helps lower your stress level and reduces your likelihood of experiencing burnout.

Want a Job with a Hybrid Schedule?

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