3 Ways to Develop an Onboarding Program That Gets Your New Hires Up to Speed Quickly

In the rush to hire new talent, onboarding can get lost in the shuffle. Good onboarding, however, is essential to a new hire’s success. The right onboarding program helps reduce retention and get new staff members up to speed more quickly.  

Here are three ways to build an onboarding program that benefits both your new hires and your business.  

Start with the essentials. 

It’s tempting to give new hires “everything and the kitchen sink” during the onboarding process. This approach does not benefit the new hire or the company, however. Instead, it can result in important information getting buried in minutiae about the company’s history or daily habits. 

Instead, focus on the most important things a staff member needs in order to succeed in their new job. Have co-workers help the new person learn these things. By learning from co-workers, the new hire builds relationships, and the co-worker gains a new perspective on their current work.  

Help your new team members learn as they go. 

Once new hires have the essentials down, allow them to start work with necessary supervision. Incorporate onboarding as a task that occurs as part of each workday.  

Allowing workers to get working quickly helps them contribute to the team’s overall success and build relationships more effectively. It also makes onboarding sessions more meaningful, because the worker has a context to understand the information they receive. They also learn it more thoroughly when they can apply that new information to the job right away.  

Embrace new technologies.  

Tools like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) help workers learn their jobs faster and more effectively. These tools use simulated environments or overlays on to the physical environment to provide information and allow workers to try new skills with immediate feedback. They can also make learning more fun, which also helps new hires remember more of the information they receive.  

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in connecting our clients in the Twin Cities with some of the best local talent in a wide range of jobs and industries. We can help you create a staffing strategy that attracts top talent, speeds the hiring process and improves onboarding and retention. Contact us today to learn more.  

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