Long Woodbury Winter? 3 Ways to Keep Your Customer Service Team Motivated

Winter in Woodbury, MN can bring relief from the summer heat and humidity, but over time, your team may start to feel claustrophobic from long hours spent indoors and reduced amounts of sunlight.  

Fortunately, the winter months don’t have to mean a loss of productivity. Here are three ways to help your customer service team stay motivated during the long months of a Minnesota winter. 

Lighten Up the Office – In Multiple Ways 

Studies show that lower levels of sunlight exposure in the winter months can lead to feeling slower, sleepier, and less motivated. In some individuals, a lack of sunlight may even contribute to depression. 

Review the lighting in your office to see if you can boost the amount of full-spectrum access your team has during the day. Lighten up the office in metaphorical terms, too, by encouraging light-hearted approaches to breaks or sharing work-appropriate jokes and memes. 

Encourage Friendly Competition 

A little friendly competition can add a sense of fun to an ordinary work day. Look for ways to turn daily office tasks into a game, with rewards for those who reach certain goals or go above and beyond. These rewards don’t have to be expensive, either: A free lunch or a heartfelt “thank you” in front of the rest of the team go a long way. 

Collaborate on Setting Goals 

Participating in the process of setting goals gives workers a sense of ownership over those goals. By visualizing what “done” looks like, workers start to feel uneasy that their current reality doesn’t match the expectation. As a result, they’re motivated to make reality match the goal.  

Encourage your customer service team to collaborate on setting goals for the team and department. Gather their feedback and incorporate it into monthly, quarterly, and yearly goal-setting, then share the results with the team. When they see their feedback taken seriously, they’ll be more likely to embrace those goals as their own.  

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