4 Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Firm

Whether the economy is booming or in a slump, hiring can be a challenge. It’s one extra task in a manager’s day – one that requires considerable focus and attention to detail in order to do well. Done badly, it can have a devastating effect on your team and company.  

With such high stakes in the hiring game, it makes sense not to attempt it alone. Working with a partner who specializes in hiring and retention streamlines the process and helps you find the right talent at the right time. 

Here are four reasons to partner with a staffing firm: 

1. Staffing firms save time. 

Much of the hiring process involves repetitive tasks, like screening resumes and calling references. These tasks can often be handled by a staffing partner, which allows hiring managers to focus on the bigger priorities that come with their daily work.  

Candidates recommended by staffing firms come already vetted by your recruiter. They’re recommended not only because they have the right skills, but also because their approach to work offers a good fit with your existing team. These candidates help you save time, allowing you to focus on interviewing.  

2. Staffing firms know the talent pool. 

Staffing firms focus on building relationships. Recruiters who serve a particular geographic area, in particular, strive to deepen their relationships with workers at every level of the industries they serve. As a result, your staffing firm can often name several people who could thrive in any position you need to fill.  

3. Staffing firms know your industry. 

Staffing firms also strive to deepen their knowledge of the industries they serve. With an extensive network of relationships in these industries, recruiters are uniquely positioned to spot trends and patterns that businesses, focused on competing in the moment, may miss. Partner with a recruiter, and you gain an ally who can alert you to big changes on the horizon.  

4. Staffing firms think long-term. 

Often, hiring managers become deeply focused on filling the job opening in front of them. A staffing partner, however, can help you not only address an immediate need but also contextualize that need within your staffing and business goals as a whole. Your staffing partner can help you create a strategic staffing plan so you’ll always have access to the talent you need when you need it.  

Ready to find talent?

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