How to Manage a Remote Workforce

The novel coronavirus has upended business’s plans and operations throughout the United States. In an effort to balance business needs with employee safety, many companies have made some or all of their teams remote-only. 

Managing a remote team poses some unique challenges. Managers who focus on the unique aspects of remote work, however, can help their teams thrive even when they can’t be face to face. Here’s how. 

1. Give them the equipment they need. 

In the workplace, managers make sure their teams have the tools they need to do the job. When workers are remote, managers have the same responsibility.  

Make sure your team has what they need to do the job. This includes not only hardware like computers, but also software for project management, communication, and other key tasks.  

2. Encourage dialogue and communication. 

In the office, it’s easy to drop by a co-worker’s desk with a quick question or to drop off a report or other information. In a remote setting, however, these little moments of interaction often fall by the wayside. 

Continue building your team’s communication and cohesion by encouraging these “side conversations.” Tools like Slack are built specifically to help remote teams communicate and share ideas, or you can use other tools like a company blog to keep people engaged at a distance. 

3. Make checking in a habit. 

Many managers worry about how they’ll hold staff accountable in a remote environment, where they cannot actually observe their team at work. One way to maintain accountability is to hold a daily staff check-in. 

At the same time every day, usually near the end of the workday, ask your staff to name their one biggest work-related accomplishment for the day. The simple knowledge that they’ll need to account for their time will help your team use that time more effectively.  

Find the right people. 

Some workers are better suited to remote work than others. When you need to hire, look for candidates who are self-motivated and who have thrived in remote work positions in the past.  

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, we connect our clients in St. Paul and surrounding areas to some of the best available talent – both in the Twin Cities and in remote locations. We can help you build a strong, resilient team that can handle any challenge. Contact us today to learn more.  

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