5 Ideas to Build Out Your Company’s Wellness Program

Many companies have turned to wellness programs as a way to boost worker productivity and morale, round out benefits packages and reduce the ever-rising costs of healthcare coverage. Often, however, wellness programs fall by the wayside as workers and leadership alike focus on the day to day tasks of their jobs rather than on maintaining the physical and mental health necessary to sustain their work.  

Here are five ways to support your existing wellness initiatives and incorporate wellness into your workers’ day to day lives. 

1. Emphasize communication. 

Whether it’s about the wellness program itself or about other challenges, communication is a must for employee well-being. Help leadership at all levels talk to staff about maintaining physical, mental and emotional health, and build the open, honest and respectful communication channels necessary for workers to share their needs. 

2. Place all aspects of wellness on the same footing. 

Many wellness programs start by focusing on physical health, with aspects like exercise and nutrition. Mental and emotional well-being, however, are equally important in a work environment. Make sure your wellness program addresses all three elements in a balanced way. 

3. Connect well-being to company goals. 

Even the most well-appointed wellness program can feel like lip service if employees aren’t given a chance to integrate it into their daily work. Emphasize the importance of well-being by showing teams and leaders how company goals are met when employees include wellness in their daily tasks. 

4. Cut down on noise. 

Both auditory and visual noise raise stress levels, making them enemies of wellness. Create an office quiet space, put up walls or cubicles, use cabinets to simplify visual spaces, or use white noise machines in busy areas to cut down on the amount of sensory data workers’ brains must contend with in order to do their jobs. 

5. Make mental health days a cultural norm. 

Most professionals can endure periods of high stress – as long as they have the chance to decompress afterward. Model the use of mental health days to mediate stress by ensuring that leadership takes them and encourages workers to do the same.  

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