Hiring Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

A new year means new changes in the workforce. Companies that stay on top of the latest hiring trends can better position themselves to find the candidates they need when they need them.

Here are some of the biggest hiring trends influencing recruitment in the new year.

  1. Telling your company’s story matters.

As unemployment stays low, job candidates find they have their pick of companies. As a result, they’re not looking for just any job. Rather, they want to work with a company whose mission, goals and culture resonate with their own.

Companies that build their recruitment around a strong employment brand are more likely to attract top candidates who offer a great fit with the organization. Candidates who won’t fit well, meanwhile, respond to that strong employment brand by walking away. The result is a self-curating candidate pool that results in stronger hires.

  1. Candidates expect a top of the line hiring experience.

The story matters, and the technology used to foster communication matters too. When candidates research companies or apply for jobs, they’re more likely to exit the process if their experience is clunky, confusing or complex.

Companies that focus on creating the same frictionless experience for candidates that they do for customers keep top candidates engaged, making it more likely that these candidates will accept jobs with that company.

  1. Hire for soft skills.

By some estimates, the average worker’s technical skillset becomes obsolete every ten years. For workers in certain industries, like tech, the turnover is even faster – four years or less.

Companies can no longer hire effectively if they hire on technical skill alone. Instead, soft skills like communication, organization and self-directed learning must take precedence. By focusing on these skills, companies can build a workforce that is ready and eager to re-skill as needed throughout their careers.

  1. Assistance remains valuable.

Working with a recruiting partner remains one of the best ways to hone an employment brand, reach the best candidates, and create a long-term staffing strategy. With concerns about an upcoming recession on the horizon, companies who partner with a staffing firm now will build a relationship that can help them weather sudden changes in the employment market.

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