Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Billing Specialist

As businesses continue to grow, they need the help of billing specialists. These workers put together bills and send them to people and entities that owe money to the business.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the median income for billing specialists is $32,170, or just over $15 an hour. It’s a fast-growing field that requires a number of skills that can be built in a wide range of jobs.

What Do Billing Specialists Do?

Billing specialists are responsible for making sure that those who owe the company money receive accurate bills and reminders to pay their bills on time.

These professionals gather information like bills of sale, receipts, and similar financial records. They use this data to calculate what each person or entity is owed. They also double-check calculations, verify addresses, and make sure that the right bill gets to the right person. Once bills have been sent, they may also follow up with customers to improve communication and help ensure bills are paid on time.

What Training Do Billing Specialists Need?

Typically, billing specialists can start their work as soon as they’ve completed their high school diploma or GED. Most training required for the job occurs at the workplace, allowing these specialists to understand exactly how their employer needs the work done.

Billing specialists typically have strong arithmetic skills, since their work involves a great deal of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Sound communication skills can help a billing specialist communicate with other departments and with customers more effectively. And since billing specialists use a wide range of information to work on several different bills at a time, strong organization skills are essential.

How Can I Find a Great Billing Specialist Job?

Working with a recruiter can help you ensure that you find the best available jobs for billing specialists in your area.

Work With The Right Staff!

Choose a recruiting company that focuses on placing billing specialists and similar professionals in the city or geographic location where you want to work. These recruiters build deep connections with the businesses they serve, and they can help you connect to a workplace that fits your career goals.

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