You Made the Hire: Now Make Sure You Train Them Properly

You’ve hired a great new staff member. Congratulations! To ensure they stay engaged with your team, it’s time to focus on their training.

Studies show that employees with good training are more productive, more engaged and more likely to stay with the company for the long term. Done well, training is a win-win situation for both employee and employer.

Here are some innovative ways to boost engagement and comprehension during employee training:

  1. Gamify the experience.

People are more likely to remember things that engage and inspire them. Turning elements of employee training into a game can do just that.

Gamifying offers several benefits for training. It engages attention, motivates new employees to complete tasks and sets concrete goals so new hires feel as if they are accomplishing important work and contributing to the team from the start.

Gamification can be as simple as creating a checklist or as complex as creating an app with “challenges” for new hires to complete.

  1. Make feedback the center of training.

At the start of the job, new hires often feel uncertain. They may not know whether anything they do is right, and as a result, they may be hesitant to try new things or to ask what they fear are “stupid” questions.

Help new hires feel more comfortable by making feedback the foundation and ambient environment of the training process. Encourage feedback in both directions: Let new hires know how they’re doing, and ask them for their impressions of the training process and their new knowledge. Not only will you help new hires feel more confident, you’ll also build a foundation of communication and accountability.

  1. Show new hires what it’s like to be a customer.

Many companies collect customer success data, but few use it as part of the onboarding or training process. When new hires see what a great experience looks like from the customer’s perspective, however, they gain insight into how to provide – or even improve – that experience for the customer.

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