5 Keys to Effective Seasonal Staffing

The winter holidays, cold-weather rush seasons, tax season …. At any time of year, there are businesses in the Twin Cities facing a seasonal rush.

Along with seasonal rushes comes the need for additional staff to ensure customers’ needs are met without sacrificing essential business tasks, like accounting and payroll. Here are five ways to recruit and hire more effectively for the busiest times of the business year.

1. Plan ahead.

Hiring temporary staff when a rush is starting or in full swing adds unnecessary stress, frustration and pressure to both managers and employees. Avoid it by making hiring plans well in advance. Use what you learn from each year to schedule your pre-rush planning period for the next year.

2. Know which staff you want – and which you don’t.

Did you have seasonal workers who stood out in previous years for their diligence, punctuality or thoughtfulness? Make a list of their most valued skills. Similarly, if you’ve ever had seasonal workers who didn’t work out, list the reasons why. Writing them down will help you remember them when evaluating candidates, allowing you to make better hiring choices.

3. Create a specific job description.

Seasonal staff should focus on the “overflow” work that comes with a seasonal rush, while your core staff focus on the day-to-day tasks at which they excel. To make sure each group works where they’re needed most, create a job description for your seasonal staff that lays out their day-to-day duties.

4. Make a space for seasonal staff.

Before hiring seasonal workers, make sure their workspace is ready to go. Similarly, make a space for them in your calendar by scheduling training/onboarding time with them. This time will allow you to focus on teaching temporary workers exactly what they need to do and how it needs to be done.

5. Work with your recruiter.

Staffing firms focus on connecting their clients to the talent they need, whether those workers are required for a seasonal rush, a specialized project or a long-term employment relationship. Don’t hesitate to ask your recruiter for help at every stage of the seasonal hiring process.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in helping our clients find the best seasonal or direct hire staff available. To learn more, contact us today.

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