Upcoming Busy Season? Here’s How to Prepare

As you plan the next several months or year, you may see a need for additional help on the horizon. Perhaps a seasonal rush, like the winter holidays or tax season, is right around the corner. Or maybe your organization needs to tackle a large specialized project, like installing a new software platform, but your core staff don’t specialize in that project’s domain.

No matter what reason you have for needing additional help, you can rise to the challenge before it overwhelms your existing staff. Here’s how.

Determine the scope of the project – and the help you’ll need.

First, look at the upcoming project or seasonal rush. How long is it likely to last? Where will you need additional help? What skills will any additional staff members need to possess?

Check your records.

If you’ve hired temporary or contract help in past years, look at your notes from those years. Which temporary staff members would you never hire again, and which made a valuable addition to the team during the busy season?

Keep your core staff’s needs in mind.

An ideal “busy season” doesn’t disrupt your core staff too much; they still have time to meet the challenges and demands that are part of their daily routine. Plan the people you’ll need with the goal of keeping your core staff focused on their day-to-day work as much as possible.

Make time for onboarding and training.

Temporary staff still need an introduction to the way you want the job done within your organization’s workflows and culture. Plan for onboarding and training time so temporary staff have what they need to thrive.

Work with your recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in ensuring their clients have access to the talent they need to meet a seasonal rush head-on – without disrupting their ordinary routines. Take the results of your planning to your staffing partner for help finding the right talent for your team.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you find the qualified temporary or contract talent you need to face an upcoming busy season, whether you expect a seasonal rush of customers or a specialized project. Contact us today to learn more.

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