The Recruiting Tools of the Modern Minnesota Business

Business is changing faster than ever; so are the ways in which Minnesota businesses recruit and retain outstanding talent. Here are some of the most important tools in a business’s recruiting toolkit and how to use them effectively.

Strategic Staffing Plan

Who are you likely to need in the next few months or years? Who do you have that might be able to grow into those positions? Which skills will you need that no one on your team currently has?

Companies that don’t create a strategic plan for understanding and meeting their staffing needs run the risk of scrambling every time they need to hire a staff member. They’re also far more likely to be surprised by skills gaps, departure of existing staff or projects that require specialized help.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your staffing partner about creating a strategic staffing plan for your business.

Analytics and Data Tracking

Applicant tracking systems often come with built-in options for analyzing and tracking candidate data, from demographics to how candidates found your organization. In-house systems for managing human resources information can also be important sources of information on how well your staff are doing and where the company could better support their skills development and engagement.

To use these systems effectively, determine which metrics would provide value to your organization, then work with tech staff to have those variables tracked and analyzed.

Staffing Firm Partnership

Understanding the context in which your company does business is essential to good hiring. A context-based perspective can tell you whether your compensation offerings are competitive, alert you to challenges on the horizon, and allow you to find advantages where other companies miss them. Yet many organizations, overwhelmed by the need to gather data, don’t even start the search.

Staffing companies devote considerable time and effort to understanding the companies, industries, and localities they serve. By partnering with a staffing firm, you gain access to this perspective without having to launch an internal research project. Just contact your staffing partner!

Staffing Firm Relationship

Having a staffing partner available is valuable, but it’s only the first step. Staffing firms excel at their work by building relationships with the clients they serve and talented professionals in the industries and regions they serve.

By building these relationships, your organization ensures your staffing firm understands your unique needs, goals and position in the greater context of your industry and community. This understanding allows your recruiter to offer more nuanced and effective advice and to recommend candidates that offer a better fit with your existing team.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you leverage these tools to find better candidates in less time. Contact us today to learn more.

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