Do You Understand Millennials in Today’s Workforce?

100 percent of workers ages 20 to 35 are part of the millennial generation, yet many companies have failed to dedicate sufficient time to understanding the perspective and strengths these rising stars bring to the workforce.

Here’s what you need to know about the generation of young adults and how to manage, train and lead them to take their place among your established team members.

Millennials bridge the tech gap.

The oldest members of this generation grew up in an analog world. Like their slightly older Gen-X peers, older millennials grew up having to figure out technology on their own. Even younger members of this generation remember clunky desktop computers and interminable internet loading times.

The result? As a generation, millennials are comfortable adapting to whatever new tech tool comes their way. This adapting is a way of life for them, and it makes many of them good at explaining these tools to less digitally literate co-workers.

Millennials prize accomplishment and work-life balance…

Unlike previous generations, who prized loyalty to the company, millennials grew up in an era in which economic prospects and futures were incredibly uncertain. Older millennials saw their first jobs yanked from under them in the 2009 recession; younger ones experienced the recession as a shaping force in their worldviews.

Today, the millennial generation prizes work-life balance. An era of part time, temp work and job instability has taught them that every job is “only for now.” Companies seeking to cultivate millennial talent long term will need to stay responsive to this generation’s sensitivity to internal culture and support.

…but they demand security, too.

The “jobless recovery” has left a lot of millennials keenly aware the wages and stability their parents enjoyed took a significant hit during the recession. Companies that assume their young workers want pool tables in the break room instead of wages that keep pace with cost of living have become the butt of jokes within this generation.

The good news? Companies that pay millennials competitively and strive to build a strong internal culture often find themselves rewarded with workers who are flexible, love a challenge, and bring a creative, diverse perspective to their work.

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