How to Work Staffing Agencies Into Your Budget

Like many companies in Maple Grove and the Twin Cities area, your organization is likely planning for the next year – a process that may include examining your staffing strategy and refining it based on your predictions for the coming year. You may even have considered working with a recruiting firm in the past, only to have dismissed the idea as “too costly.”

Choosing the right staffing agency can help save your business money – and improve the quality of your candidates at the same time. In a tough hiring market, your staffing partner may be the best investment you make all year.

Here’s how to fit a staffing firm into your 2018 budget:

Consider time-to-hire costs.

On average, how much does your organization spend to replace an employee? Which positions experience turnover most commonly, and how much do you spend to replace a person in this position?

Every day you shorten the time to hire, you save money in hiring costs and lost productivity. Staffing partners help shorten the process with a streamlined approach to locating and vetting top talent.

Compare productivity of your best and worst performers.

Have you calculated the “productivity gap” between your most and least productive employees? If so, you know how large that gap is – and you’re probably aware of the traits your top performers have that are lacking among their lagging colleagues.

By identifying your top performers’ key traits and communicating them to your recruiting partner, you increase the chances that every new hire will share these traits – and will bump your team’s productivity upward.

Plan for seasonal and specialty projects.

When in 2018 do you anticipate a seasonal rush? Are there any specialized projects you’re planning, such as a switch to a new network platform or integration of a new type of equipment?

Your staffing partner can help ensure you have the qualified temporary help you need to meet these once-a-year challenges. With experienced contract staff, you can protect your budget, neither overburdening your core staff nor expanding your payroll to add employees whose skills won’t be put to optimal use in the long term.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help your Maple Grove company manage your staffing costs, improve retention, and find better candidates. Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in the Twin Cities.

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