How a Skills Development Program Will Set Your Company Apart When Hiring

Skills development programs are one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways a company can continue to expand the abilities, flexibility and creativity of its workforce – if it’s built and managed correctly. A skills development program can also help your company stand out when hiring new candidates. Here’s how.

Appeal to top candidates.

Top candidates rise to the top because they have a passion for learning, developing new skills, refining existing abilities and teaching others what they know. A skills development program allows employees to do all these things from the comfort of their own office – and for that reason, it’s often a highly attractive offering for top candidates.

To get the most from your skills development program in the hiring process, include it in all your employment branding materials, from social media posts to job descriptions. Encourage existing employees to talk about how they’ve benefited from the program and to refer qualified candidates who show enthusiasm about the program.

Fight the skills gap.

A “skills gap” caused by a staff member leaving or your existing team’s abilities becoming obsolete can make it tough to stay ahead of your competitors. While many companies hire to address skills gaps, doing so can leave you on a constant “hamster wheel” of evaluating candidates – and can strain your staffing budget.

Skills development programs help reduce or eliminate skills gaps, allowing your team to meet upcoming challenges even while you’re hiring. With more uniform skills coverage, you can focus on hiring candidates who offer the “total package” of strong skills, growth potential, and a great fit with your company culture, instead of seeking someone who can fill a gap immediately.

Create flexibility in your existing workforce.

A skills development program helps your existing staff better understand one another’s core tasks, so when you have an open position, existing staff can pitch in more easily. The program can also make your promotion system run more smoothly, allowing you to fill open positions from within.

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