When a Top Employee Resigns, Here’s What to Do

When one of your best people announces their departure, it can send shock waves through the rest of the organization. Even if the resigning employee continues to turn in outstanding work until the last day, other members of the team may see their productivity dip as the destabilizing nature of the news impacts them.

Here’s what to do when one of your best people announces that they intend to quit:

Consider a counteroffer.

When a top employee announces they’re leaving to join another company, don’t hesitate to ask, “What made you decide to take this new job?” The answer may indicate opportunities for your company to extend a counteroffer.

Consider your counteroffer carefully, however. In some situations, you may not be able to offer what the employee is looking for, or the employee may simply be unwilling to entertain the thought of staying. Your recruiter can help you consider counteroffer options and plan strategy.

Announce the departure to staff (positively).

You may not be able to control whether your employee leaves, but you can control how that news and its consequences are framed to your staff.

Announce the news with a positive spin. Focus on your appreciation for the departing employee, and talk about the positive impact they had on the team and the organization. Then, explain the concrete steps you want affected employees to take during the transition period. By doing so, you’ll reduce anxieties and help everyone stay on task while you seek a new superstar.

Call your recruiter promptly.

The sooner you contact your staffing partner, the sooner the search for your next top employee can begin. When you talk to your recruiter, describe the attributes that made the departing employee one of your “top” people. Your recruiter can use this information to seek candidates with a similar profile and potential for success.

Also, talk about the timeline you have in mind for replacing the employee. Your recruiter may be able to suggest ways to shorten the time to hire, reducing the impact on the organization.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters focus on building relationships throughout the industries we serve in Roseville and the Twin Cities, so we can help our clients quickly replace talented employees who resign. To learn more about our staffing solutions in Roseville and beyond, contact us today.

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