Employee Just Quit? How to Hire Quickly in the Twin Cities

When an employee has just turned in their resignation and business is booming, many managers feel a moment or two of panic. You need someone in that position—fast!

Every day a position is open, your company loses money in the form of lost productivity from the job vacancy and from other staff who must pitch in to cover that position’s essential tasks. Here’s how to hire quickly and discreetly:

  1. Evaluate the employee’s demeanor. Some employees will continue to give their best right through the end of their two weeks’ notice. Others have “checked out” before their resignation letter even lands on their manager’s desk. Gauge their demeanor and respond accordingly, whether that means asking them to help wrap up certain details or reminding them not to discuss their new job with co-workers.
  2. Create a transition plan. What regular weekly duties does the employee perform? What projects is the employee currently working on, and in what state is their work? Which clients rely directly on this employee? Ask the employee to help you create a transition plan by making notes of these items so co-workers find their worlds disrupted as little as possible.
  3. Hold an exit interview. Start by asking the departing employee, “What made you start looking for a new job in the first place?” This question helps you get at any hidden issues, which in turn can help you resolve problems or choose a replacement candidate who doesn’t face the same problems.
  4. Call your staffing partner. Staffing firms specialize in conducting discreet candidate searches for their clients, so you can focus on transitioning a departing employee out of the office. By asking your staffing partner to step in, you can also keep the candidate search confidential, reducing the chances of damaging gossip or office drama souring your outgoing employee’s remaining days on the job.

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