Staffing and Recruiting Trends to Adopt

2017 is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning for your organization’s best year yet – and it starts with staffing.  Here are some of the hottest staffing and recruiting trends for the coming year to keep on your radar:

  1. Talent will take the #1 spot. In a recent LinkedIn Talent Solutions poll of 4,000 companies, 83 percent of those who responded said their number one priority for the coming year was securing the talent they need. The value of people and their capabilities is becoming a top consideration – making it tougher than ever in some markets to find the right staff at the right time.
  2. Mobile recruiting comes into its own. Mobile-friendly recruiting pitches and platforms have been on the rise for several years. In 2017, mobile will go from being the “newest thing” to the “standard approach.”  If your application system isn’t easy to access from any mobile device, you stand to lose access to some of the best new talent.
  3. When thinking “compensation,” think “paid parental leave.” Paid parental leave laws are being enacted or considered in dozens of cities and states – and there’s even some talk of creating a nationwide law or regulation requiring paid parental leave. This means top talent will start to consider paid leave a necessary part of a competitive compensation package.  Get ahead of the game by including paid parental leave in your compensation offerings to attract the best talent.
  4. Employee referrals still lead the pack for quality hires. Forty-eight percent of companies that responded to the LinkedIn Talent Solutions poll predicted that in 2017, employee referrals will be their top source of quality hires. Yet only a handful of companies have an employee referral system that works – and only a handful coordinate with a staffing partner to ensure both employee and recruiter referrals bring in the top-notch candidates they need.  If you’re not communicating with your staff and recruiter about the people you need, you’re missing out.

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