Strategic Staffing Guide for Minnesota Businesses

2017 is just around the corner, which means most Minnesota businesses are already making plans for the coming year.  In the bustle to set sales and revenue goals, however, many companies overlook a key element to comprehensive success: a strategic staffing plan.

Strategic staffing plans take the analyses and consideration you put into reaching monetary goals and focus them on your most valuable asset: your people.  By taking time to think through your staffing, you position your company to find the people you need when you need them – without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to start tackling your strategic staffing plan for the coming year:

  1. Take a look at the staffing choices you made in 2016. Why did each position open up?  How did you seek candidates to fill the position?  How long did it take you to fill each position – and how did you “cover” until you found the right person?  What were your turnover rates?
  2. With a “year in review” in front of you, highlight the things that went exceptionally well. Perhaps posting a job ad in a new location brought you a promising batch of candidates, or sending hiring managers to a seminar on interviewing paid off.  Likewise, make a note of what went badly, or what you wish would go better: inconsistent quality of candidates, a stagnating hiring process or high turnover.
  3. Plan ahead. Ask the same questions about 2017 that you asked about 2016, with an eye on the future. Which positions and capabilities do you expect to need in the coming year?  Where are the best places to find those candidates?  How can you streamline your hiring process?
  4. Talk to your recruiter. Finally, take your notes and ideas to your staffing partner. Staffing firms specialize in helping their clients craft strategic staffing plans that find better candidates, screen them more effectively, and bring them on board in less time – all of which help improve your bottom line and the quality of your team.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, we have experienced staffing partners in the Twin Cities and beyond, ready to help your company thrive in the coming year.  Contact us today to learn more.

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