6 Things the Most Successful Managers Do

Management is a balancing act.  There never seems to be enough time to do everything – and everything needs to be done well.  But the most successful managers thrive on the job, and they do it by applying some simple approaches and skills to their work.  Here are six things the most successful managers do on the job:

  1. They work with their employees. Are your employees doing paperwork? Schedule your paperwork for the same time.  Are they on the sales floor?  Spend time on the floor yourself.  When you work alongside your employees, you build a better working relationship – and they see that your work supports theirs.
  2. They set clear expectations. Instead of micromanaging processes and details, set clear expectations and goals for your employees. Then, give employees the freedom to find the best way to meet those expectations. You’ll demonstrate confidence in their work, and you’ll generate more creative and efficient results.
  3. They give credit where credit is due. Build loyalty by recognizing employees’ accomplishments. A simple “well done!” in front of the rest of the team or the managers from other departments can go a long way toward making employees feel valued, which in turn boosts their motivation on the job.
  4. They include their employees. Great managers understand that everyone on the team is contributing to the “big picture” – and they make sure their team members know how their day-to-day work matters. They help employees feel involved by including them in planning meetings and asking for their perspective on the b
  5. They seek out potential in their people. Many employees have a “knack” for things they aren’t aware they’re good at. Successful managers stay alert for these “hidden talents” and encourage employees to cultivate them by providing opportunities for employees to use them.
  6. They have a system that works for them. Whether it’s a morning routine, a three-item to-do list, or a productivity and organization app, the most successful managers have a tool that keeps them organized and on track, and they use it.

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