Struggling to Find To Managers? Here’s What to Do.

Good talent is hard to find. But for good reason—they’re usually already employed. This can be a hiring obstacle if you’re an employer looking for top supervisors you can trust to lead your workforce. You may have already invested hours and dollars into finding new supervisors, but to no avail.

Don’t give up hope—there’s good news! A staffing agency can work with you to find and hire the supervisory candidates your company needs to keep business running smoothly. Here’s how.

The benefits of working with a recruiter

In your quest for top supervisors, a recruiter is a valuable ally. That’s because your recruiter has access to a deep network of potential employees, and contacts throughout the industry. You’ll gain access to active candidates—those currently seeking employment—and you’ll also learn of passive candidates, or those currently employed and not actively looking for something new. And since the industry’s top performers are likely already employed, a recruiter is your ticket to the supervisors you may not be able to locate on your own.

Building your company’s reputation

However, this is only the first piece of the hiring puzzle. Once you find superstar managers, you’ll also want to ensure they’ll want to work for you. You can do this by establishing your company as a great place to work. Consider the following:

  • Your company culture. More and more, top talent are looking for a company with a unique, fun culture. They want an employer who will give them the chance to learn, grow and progress through their career. They also want a supportive and fun team environment.
  • Your benefits package. Salary may not be enough. Candidates will also be looking for rich healthcare benefits, 401(k), profit sharing, employee assistance and wellness programs, continuing education, etc.
  • Perks and extras. Does your company offer dress-down days, flexible scheduling, holiday parties and special events? Top-notch workers may be enticed by all of these things, plus they will add to your company culture.
  • Management style. Often, top workers are looking for a boss that will allow them to think independently, offer creative ideas and solutions, and contribute to the big picture. Micromanagement and a lack of open, modern management may be a turnoff for the industry’s best and brightest.
  • Location. Is your office visually appealing? This can include attractive interior decorating, outside landscaping, natural light, plant life, paint color, floor plan, artwork, etc. If your surroundings are nice to look at, it can help attract top talent.


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