A Little Goes a Long Way: How to Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Productivity and motivation go hand in hand. The best managers know this – and they spur their team’s productivity by providing the inspiration and motivation needed to achieve the best results.

Looking for new ways to keep your team motivated as sunshine and warm weather roll in? Here are five ways to motivate and inspire your employees:

  1. Go one-on-one. Group praise is great for group accomplishments. But if it’s all you offer, employees can start to feel lost in the shuffle. Direct praise and feedback for individual work is a great way to motivate team members. Let them know you’re paying attention and that you appreciate their work.
  2. Build a clear path to advancement. There’s a reason the phrase is “dead-end jobs.” Not only do they go nowhere, but workers who do them see their motivation go belly-up. Creating a plan for training, education, and advancement can help motivate employees by giving them something to work for. It doesn’t have to be an easy route, but it does have to be
  3. Set the tone. Staff look to their leaders for an example. If you face challenges by working hard and staying optimistic about the outcome, your people will as well. In a large organization, train managers on the importance of setting a consistent example.
  4. Build a workable environment. The environment in which people work can help boost their motivation, or it can sap their energy. Build a workspace that reflects your company’s culture and that feels more organic and comfortable. Whether this means tearing down cubicle walls, adding artwork, or reorganizing supplies depends on your company culture and work conditions.
  5. Encourage socializing. Trying to make everyone on the team be “best friends” is as doomed to failure now as it was in third grade. However, having people work together as a team can help them understand one another and cooperate more effectively.  Try team-building exercises or charity events outside work to help people socialize and work together.

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