Helping Your Team Survive (and Thrive) Through Employee Turnover

Employee turnover doesn’t just hurt a business’s bottom line. It also affects how the entire team operates. Not only has a team member suddenly disappeared, but the remaining staff must scramble to cover the team member’s share of the work, accommodate any lingering “skills gaps” created by the departure, and trust that HR is doing its best to find a compatible replacement – often, despite a lack of updates on the candidate search.

Here’s how to help your team survive (and thrive!) in the transition period:

Keep job descriptions updated.

When an employee walks out the door, a substantial amount of knowledge goes with them. By keeping written job descriptions and procedures updated, remaining team members find it easier to take over day-to-day tasks. This is particularly important if an employee leaves under circumstances that mean he or she isn’t easy to contact with questions – for instance, due to a medical crisis.

Updating the job description regularly also helps your hiring staff find a new team member quickly, and ensure that the new hire has the skills and abilities needed to handle the job’s day to day tasks competently.

Assess the situation and develop a plan.

What was the departing team member working on when they left? What pressing deadlines need to be met? Who else in the department has similar skills, and would it be profitable to restructure a project now, before new talent comes through the door? Assess the situation, then develop a plan to help your team weather the changes. Include details for handling the workload and protecting the team from burnout. Talk to your staffing firm about options like bringing in temp staff to help.

Keep team members in the loop.

Lack of communication is one of the largest killers of productivity during a transition period. When staff doesn’t know how the workload will be handled or when a new person might be added to the department, confusion sets in and motivation and quality of work decrease. Minimize these consequences by communicating openly with remaining staff. Give them an approximate timeline, and thank them when they “go the extra mile” to ensure work is completed.

Employee turnover threatening your productivity? Minimize the damage and maximize the benefits by partnering with a Twin Cities staffing firm. The recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC can help you weather any hiring storm. Contact us today to learn more.

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