How to Get More Out of Your Staffing Budget in 2015

2015 is almost here – and New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for your employees! If you’re looking at expanding hiring needs and a steady or shrinking staffing budget in the coming year, it’s time to “resolve’ to do more with less.

Here are some tested strategies for getting more out of your staffing budget this year:

  1. Use your performance reviews to plan ahead.

Annual performance reviews provide insight on how current employees are handling their job duties and where the weaknesses or “skills gaps” in your current workforce reside. This wealth of information can help you lead your existing staff more effectively – but it can also help your staffing firm find better candidates for upcoming hires.

Spend some time analyzing performance reviews to help you predict what your staffing needs will be in the coming year. Do you clearly need more people to handle online security concerns? Is a key team member in Accounts about to be promoted to manager – leaving a gap that will need filling? Use what you have to help you predict who you’ll need.

  1. Improve your onboarding.

The first few weeks on the job spell success or failure for most candidates. By going beyond simple “orientation” to proactive “onboarding,” your company can help integrate new workers more quickly and get them up to speed on their jobs faster, improving productivity and reducing turnover in the crucial first three months. Improve your onboarding process in order to keep the talent you’ve worked so hard to hire.

  1. Stay connected to your staffing firm.

Recruiters specialize in matching talent with companies who need the right skill sets and the right match with their company’s culture. By working more closely with your recruiter in the coming year, your organization can cut down on candidate pre-screening costs and improve its pool of applicants, leading to a better hiring “fit”, better retention, and greater productivity. It all starts when you contact your staffing firm, and stay in touch throughout the hiring process.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in finding the right people for our clients, improving retention and providing more “bang” for your staffing “buck.” Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond!

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