Busted! Five Myths About Working With a Staffing Agency

Although staffing agencies exist to help companies in their field find the right people with less hassle, many companies are hesitant to work with them. They may have heard “horror stories” about staffing agencies in the past, or they may believe that they can meet their own hiring needs adequately without adding what they see as an another onerous expense.

In fact, the right staffing agency can be worth far more than its cost. Here are five common myths about working with a recruiter – and how the right recruiter can prove them all wrong.

  1. The staffing agency doesn’t have the people we need. For companies in specialized fields, partnering with a general agency or one with a nationwide reach can be fruitless. A staffing firm that reaches too broadly – either in terms of specialties or in terms of geography – can indeed fail to find the local, specific talent you need.
    When you choose an agency that specializes in your field or local market, however, you increase the chances that your staffing partner will find the people you need. Specialized firms know the industry inside and out, including both the established “key players” and the young “rising stars.” They’ll be better positioned to connect you to the people you need when you need them.
  2. There’s no point in working with a staffing agency if none of them specialize in my field. Although finding a staffing agency that knows your industry is key, you may not need the entire staffing firm to focus solely on your field. If no staffing agency spends all its time in your industry, start looking for a firm with one or more recruiters on staff who specialize in your field. You’ll build a professional connection that allows you to tap into a much larger network.
  3. Staffing partners are all hucksters. Because anyone can call themselves a “recruiter,” it can be tough for a company new to staffing to separate the responsible, reputable firms from the fly-by-nights. Look for an agency that is a member of a professional recruiting organization or whose staff are members of professional organizations in the fields they serve. Look for companies that can offer references or testimonials from recognizable people or companies in your field.
  4. The more staffing agencies we team up with, the better. Like interviewing, the “more is better” mindset sacrifices quality for quantity and gets many companies new to recruiting in hot water. Instead of signing up with as many recruiters as you can find, spend more time talking to partners at each agency about your company’s needs, plans, and culture. Then, choose the organization that offers the best “fit” for your current and expected future needs.
  5. Once I choose a staffing agency, I can sit back and wait for referrals to roll in. Your staffing partner can take care of a huge number of staffing-related concerns, from identifying qualified candidates to screening them and helping your company create a strategic staffing plan. The more you communicate with your staffing partner, however, the better the results will be. Make a commitment to “touching base” with your staffing firm regularly, including offering feedback on candidates they recommend. You’ll make your staffing partner’s job easier and your candidate quality will improve.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced staffing partners bust the myths about working with a staffing agency – replacing them with the help you need when you need it. Contact us today to learn more.

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