What is Your 2014 Recruiting Strategy?

As the last days of 2013 slide past, it’s easy to focus on getting through the last few weeks of work so you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday break.  Before you take off to enjoy time with friends and family, however, it’s important to address one last key component of your business’s success: your 2014 recruiting strategy.

Having a recruiting strategy in place before the New Year begins benefits your company in numerous ways.  You’ll know which positions in your organization need to be filled, and you’ll know exactly what sort of candidates you need to fill them.  You’ll understand how your recruiting affects your company’s financial goals, and you’ll be better positioned to ensure that your new hires are prepared to strengthen your market position.  You’ll also have the time you need to talk to your staffing partner, clarifying what you want in your top candidates.

As you build your recruiting strategy for 2014, consider the following questions:

  • How will we strengthen our employment brand?  Your employment brand encompasses key areas like how you attract new candidates, how you retain star players, and how you boost productivity and morale via candidate and employee engagement.  For 2014, spend some time thinking about how your company will strengthen its employment brand to grab the attention of the top players and rising stars in your field.
  • Are we integrating social media and mobile platforms into our recruiting?  How can we leverage these tools to our full advantage?  Increasing numbers of active and passive job-seekers are taking to social media, often accessed via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, to post resumes, network with like-minded professionals, and seek promising job openings.  The stronger your company’s presence on these channels, the better your access to top talent.
  • How will we improve our relationship with our staffing partner?  Your staffing partner has access to insider industry knowledge and a vast network of standout candidates.  The better you communicate with your recruiter, the more he or she will understand about your company’s strategy and the candidates that spell success – and the more easily your recruiter will be able to provide exactly the people you are looking for.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you create a strategic staffing plan that focuses on your company’s goals and needs, so you can start the new year off right.  Contact us today to learn more!

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