Picking a Staffing Firm – Five Signs They are an Expert

When you’re choosing a staffing partner, it’s important to work with a team that has built expertise in their field.  While any staffing partner can help you find candidates willing to submit their resumes, only a firm with expertise in its field can help you find the specific top talent you need to support your company’s strategic goals.

How can you tell if a staffing firm has the expertise you need?  Consider the following signs:

  • Available resources.   Expert staffing firms have the resources to help you with every step of the staffing process.  Whether you need temporary workers or permanent hires, your staffing firm can rise to the challenge and find the people and capabilities you need when you need them.
  • Local market expertise.  Expert staffing firms love their local markets, because they understand the importance of knowing which people are available, who the major competitors are, and how local market dynamics affect their clients’ abilities to grow, change, and develop.  These firms focus on developing their personal and professional connections in the areas they serve.
  • Specialized areas.  “Jack of all trades” staffing firms sound like they have an appealing breadth of experience – but this breadth usually comes at the expense of depth.  Expert staffing firms understand that it is better to excel at serving only a few professional areas or companies than to serve everyone poorly.  Choose a staffing firm that specializes in serving your industry or in placing the type of professionals you need.
  • Well-established talent pool.  Strong, well-established staffing firms typically have strong, well-established talent pools that contain a healthy and vibrant mix of skill sets, capabilities, work styles, and personal goals.  When you choose an expert staffing firm with a well-established talent pool, you gain access to this cultivated mix of top candidates – improving your chances of finding the person you need.
  • Ability to strategize with you.  Staffing firms do more than just match talent with jobs.  They also work with their clients to create strategic staffing plans supporting their clients’ business goals.  Expert firms can help their clients save money, stay competitive, and meet specific goals by finding the talent clients need when they need it most.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced staffing partners have the expertise to find you the top talent your company needs to drive its strategic vision.  Contact us today to learn more!

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