Motivating Employees to be Productive

Motivated employees are productive employees – no matter which industry they work within.  Companies can take several steps to motivate their employees by reducing stress, improving friendly competition within the workplace, and fostering communication between management and front-line workers.

If you’re looking for ways to boost productivity, consider the following options for motivating employees:

Offer incentives.

Incentives do not have to be expensive or elaborate.  Some of the most effective incentives cost nothing at all.  For example, publicly recognizing an employee for going the extra mile or producing a superior result motivates the recognized employee by showing that the organization values his or her contribution.  It also motivates other employees, who realize that the company recognizes the work they do and will likely praise them accordingly if their own work is up to scratch.

Other simple yet effective incentives include gift cards, a discount program, or catering lunch for employees who are under pressure to meet an imminent deadline.  Each of these methods communicates that employees’ work is valued and that the company supports their success on the job.

Play games.

Bi-weekly office games can increase morale by reducing stress.  They also encourage employees to get to know one another in a more casual, fun environment, improving communication and trust in one another.  Finally, relaxing games help supercharge creativity by giving the brain a break from its usual grind and encouraging it to focus on alternative puzzles and projects.  Even a short “recess” for employees can improve their productivity, motivation, and ability to cooperate toward a common goal.


Lack of communication between management and employees is one of the top complaints of disaffected employees, regardless of the industry or company with which they work.  To boost employee motivation, communicate regularly with workers.  Foster an “open door” policy that encourages workers to bring their problems and concerns to management.  Finally, encourage managers to pitch in when employees have problems that management can help solve.  Fostering communication shows employees they’re not alone, which in turn encourages them to keep going even when the going gets tough.

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