How to Foster Relationships with Your Manufacturing Employees from the Get-Go

How to Foster Relationships with Your Manufacturing Employees from the Get-Go | THE RIGHT STAFF

Fostering relationships with your manufacturing employees from the get-go is important. Developing mutual respect, working toward common goals, and fulfilling everyone’s expectations support productivity.

Building relationships with your manufacturing employees increases employee engagement, performance, and job satisfaction. These relationships also elevate employee morale and attraction and retention rates.

As a result, you should prioritize relationships with your manufacturing employees. These suggestions can help.

Choose among these methods to foster relationships with your manufacturing employees from the get-go.

Show Respect  

When you meet a new employee, shake their hand, tell them your name, and repeat their name after you learn it. Then, share your role and involvement in the employee’s day-to-day activities.

Introduce the employee to the teammates and coworkers they need to know. Help the employee feel welcome and supported by your team.

Explain the Job Duties and Responsibilities

Clarify what your new employee’s job duties, responsibilities, and expectations are. Aim to keep your employees busy enough that they do not need to continually ask for more work.

Let your employees know whom to turn to with questions or for help if they cannot find you. Having a work buddy helps your employees remain productive.

Share Company Goals

Talk with your employees about your company goals. Include how your employees can help reach them and how the results will impact them.

Employees who understand the company’s vision will likely hold themselves accountable to reach these goals. Strong employee buy-in helps make these goals a reality.

Offer Flexibility

Provide your employees with enough flexibility to handle their personal responsibilities. They might need to handle issues involving childcare, elder care, or other family duties.

Allowing time to handle personal issues helps your employees stay focused and productive when they return. They should put in additional effort to show appreciation for the accommodations.

Provide Training

Schedule regular training for your employees. Help them develop their skill sets to add more value to your organization.

Be patient as your employees learn from their mistakes. Encourage them to continue learning and improving their performance.

Give Recognition and Rewards

Regularly recognize and reward your employees. Include specific accomplishments, the steps taken, and the impact on the organization.

Reward your employees with bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate. Show that you value their contributions and results.

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