Preparing for Success with Remote Interviews

Preparing for Success with Remote Interviews | THE RIGHT STAFF

Preparing for success with remote interviews is similar to preparing for onsite interviews. Participating in interviews from home can make them less stressful than in person.

Since remote interviews are here to stay, you should begin preparing for them now. Making a great impression helps you advance in the hiring process.

Implement these guidelines to prepare for success with remote interviews.

Research the Company

Find out all you can about the role and organization. Use the company website, employer review sites, and an online search to uncover relevant information and the latest news about the business.

Gathering company information helps you engage during the remote interview. You can bring up topics and ask questions to learn more about the organization. This helps determine whether you want to move forward in the hiring process.

Review the Job Description

Analyze the job duties and responsibilities, manager expectations, qualifications, and other details mentioned in the job description. Use this information and your resume to come up with examples of how your skills and experience qualify you for the position. You can share these examples during the remote interview.

Practice Using the Technology

Load the software well in advance of your remote interview. Ensure you understand how to use it.

Practice making video calls to a family member or friend. Ensure your internet connection is strong and your microphone and other equipment work.

Dress Professionally

Wear attire that is appropriate for the role. This may include a button-up shirt, blouse, or other clothing that looks polished and professional.

Ensure your hair is neatly styled and any makeup is minimal. You want to make a positive impression during your remote interview.

Choose a Location

Find a quiet room for your remote interview. Close the door and windows to minimize noise. Turn off your devices to avoid distractions.

Ask anyone you live with to take care of pets and remain quiet during the discussion. You need to focus your full attention on the interviewer.

Sit with your back to a plain wall. Since the interviewer can see your background, ensure it is appropriate for the work environment.

Log In on Time

Enter the platform 5 minutes before your remote interview begins. This shows you prioritize punctuality and value the interviewer’s time.

Look Into the Camera

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer by looking into the camera. This shows you are engaged in the conversation. It also builds a feeling of connection with the interviewer.

Actively Listen

Nod your head to show you understand what the interviewer is saying. Also, ask follow-up questions to gather additional information. Additionally, summarize what you hear to ensure your understanding.

Take notes throughout your remote interview. Include the takeaways for review later on. These actions show you are actively listening throughout the conversation.

Send a Thank You

Email a thank-you note within 24 hours of your remote interview. Express appreciation for the interviewer’s time. Include one of the main topics you covered and the top three qualifications that equip you for the role. Let the interviewer know you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Showing gratitude helps you stand out from other candidates. This increases your odds of advancing in the hiring process.

Want Additional Interview Prep?

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