What to Do When a Contract Job You Love Is Coming to an End

What to Do When a Contract Job You Love Is Coming to an End

Are you enjoying a contract job that ends soon? If so, you may want to see whether you can extend your contract or be offered a permanent position. If neither of these options is available, you should know the steps to take to find your next role.


Follow these guidelines when your contract job is close to ending.


Schedule a Meeting with Your Recruiter

Set up a time to talk with your recruiter at least four weeks before your contract ends. For instance, share whether you are happy with your work, teammates, and company culture. Also, mention what your experience has been like, the goals you reached, and any issues you may have encountered. Plus, discuss whether you would accept an extension if offered one. The more information you give, the better your recruiter can advocate for a contract extension or a new role elsewhere.


Update Your Resume

Use the skills and experience you gained from your contract job to enhance your resume. Your recruiter can provide guidance on the process to help you be more marketable. Also, work with them to find job postings that appeal to you. Your recruiter can help you apply for positions and answer potential interview questions.


Request a Contract Extension

Set a time to talk with your direct manager about staying on longer with the company. Find out what their plans are in terms of an extension. Also, let your manager know whether you want to stay on long-term. If they are agreeable to the idea, talk with your recruiter about what your manager decides. The two can work on a contract extension or a permanent job offer.


Decide on Your Next Role

If you cannot secure a contract extension or permanent job offer, consider whether you want another contract position or a full-time job. Talk with your recruiter about your decision. They can introduce you to job openings not known to the general public. This means you face less competition when applying.


Find a Contract or Permanent Job

Work with a recruiter from The Right Staff to find a contract or permanent position you love. Visit our job board today.


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