Turning a Seasonal Job Into Something Permanent

Maybe you just accepted a seasonal job because you were looking for extra income, but now you really like it and you want to stay. Or maybe your plan all along was to get your foot in the door at this company. You could be in luck – many employers use seasonal jobs as a proving ground to identify and nurture outstanding talent. Prove your worth on the job and you may find yourself with a full time offer before the end of your assignment.

Be Reliable

Show up on time – better still a little before – to be sure you are ready to work at the start of your shift. Don’t call out or ask to leave early. If you have a variable schedule, check it regularly to be sure you come in for the right days and times.

Be Professional

Consider this to be an extra-long interview process. Be on your best behavior. Dress nicely and appropriately to the role. Treat people with respect.

Be Proactive

If you see a problem, look for ways to solve it. You may be able to identify an issue on the front lines that your manager won’t see. Use your perspective as an advantage and show yourself to be an asset to the company.

Be Positive

Avoid negative people and don’t get sucked into gossip or drama. There are malcontents at any job. Don’t let them bring you down. Be friendly but non-committal so that you discourage them from unloading on you.

Go Above and Beyond

Do what is asked of you and more. Ask for additional assignments, offer to help those who fall behind. Learn tasks as quickly as you can – even if you have to do a little at-home studying. The time you spend will be an investment in your career.

Let Them Know You Are Interested

Not the first day on the job, but don’t wait too long, either. Once you have been there for a while and demonstrated your work ethic and talent, speak up. The hiring manager may have no idea that you want to stay.

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