Not Enough Applicants? 8 Incentives All St. Paul Companies Should Offer

Not Enough Applicants? 8 Incentives All St. Paul Companies Should Offer | The Right Staff

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, your company may be struggling to attract job candidates. Since the best talent has a variety of opportunities available, you need your organization to stand out from all the rest. This will draw the attention of skilled job seekers and encourage them to want to work for you.


Eight Incentives to Increase the Applicant Pool for Your Open Roles


Attractive Company Culture

Skilled professionals want to work for companies that align with their mission, vision, and values. This is why you should point out the purpose of the business, principles that guide employees to work as a team, and the direction you want the organization to go.


Higher Compensation

Workers who provide high value expect to be compensated accordingly. As a result, you need to offer a higher salary or hourly rate to attract them. Be sure to share opportunities for bonuses, raises, and promotions as well.


In-Demand Benefits

Top professionals want benefits that enhance their quality of life. This includes health insurance, a retirement plan with company match, several weeks of paid vacation, and sick days. Optional benefits may consist of a health savings account, tuition reimbursement, child care assistance, or financial planning services.


Paid Leave

The most in-demand workers want paid leave to handle personal matters. Because most candidates have or want to start families, be sure to share your policy for paid parental leave. This allows parents time to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child and remain financially stable. Mention your policies for other types of paid leave as well, such as military duty, voting, jury duty, and bereavement.



The most dedicated workers desire the ability to manage work-life integration. For this reason, you should let candidates know how much control they have over their schedule. The ability to work remotely at least a few days each week allows employees to fit in errands and personal appointments during the day. As long as quality work is produced by the deadline, when the tasks are completed should not be an issue.


Professional Development

Top talent desires opportunities to grow professionally. As a result, be sure you emphasize the learning and development opportunities your company offers. Examples include onsite training, conferences, and online classes.


Employee Recognition

All workers want to be recognized for their contributions. So, make sure you point out specific ways your company prioritizes employee recognition. This may include praising team members at the start of meetings, writing thank-you notes for specific actions and achievements, or having employee accomplishments featured in the company newsletter.


Career Advancement

The best talent wants to move their career forward. As a result, you need to show clear paths for career progression within your organization. Be sure to include the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to advance.


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