Graduating from College in Minnesota? How to Land Your First Job Fast

Getting ready to receive your college degree? Congratulations!  

College graduation is a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time of change and uncertainty. You’ve dedicated years of your life to building new relationships and learning new skills. Now it’s time to expand your horizons and put those skills to work in the real world.  

If you’re heading into the workforce, here’s how to land your first post-college job quickly. 

Treat Career Services as a beginning, not an end. 

Many colleges have Career Services offices that help students connect to the local job market. While Career Services is a great way to start learning about available job opportunities, it’s important not to treat their information or support as your only job-search resource. 

Instead, use Career Services like a job-specific library. Learn about the types of jobs and employers that communicate with your school, explore your options, and then take this information to your own Internet search or a conversation with a recruiter.  

Mine your college experience for valuable skills. 

College students spend years learning skills in anticipation of work in a specific industry or type of position. What college students don’t realize, however, is that their job-specific skills aren’t always the ones that hiring managers prize most in college graduates. 

College is an outstanding opportunity to learn transferable skills. Also known as “soft skills,” transferable skills are the skills every worker needs, no matter what job they have. They’re skills like communication, time management, organization, and the ability to learn new material and apply it to what you already know.  

To stand out from other newly-minted college graduates on the job hunt, emphasize your transferable skills in your job applications. Talk about how college improved your skills in these areas, and how you see these skills helping you succeed in your new job.  

Work with a recruiter. 

New college graduates don’t have to go it alone in order to find a new job in their field. In addition to using their college’s resources, they can also reach out to a recruiter. 

Staffing firms focus on specific geographic areas and industries, so they can build strong relationships with employers in those areas. They excel at connecting job-seekers not only to new jobs, but to the employers that offer the environment and opportunities each job-seeker needs to achieve their own career dreams.  

The recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC specialize in connecting job-seekers, including new college graduates, with some of the best job and career opportunities in Minnesota. If you’re looking for your first job in your new field, contact us today.  

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