3 Tips for Companies Looking to Hire Top Technology Talent in St. Paul

The recent pandemic sent Minnesotans scrambling online to make purchases, attend school, go to work, and connect with friends. But as the demand for technological connectivity went up, the ability of companies to find the talent they needed to meet that demand went down. 

During COVID-19 and its aftermath, companies in St. Paul are finding it more difficult than ever to find and keep the tech talent they need. Here’s how these companies can find top talent faster and more effectively. 

1. Sell your company’s best attributes. 

Qualified tech professionals often find that they can pick and choose among job offers. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, and ask: “What can I tell candidates about our company that will make them say, ‘Yes, that’s the one I choose!’?” 

For example, build descriptions of your workplace culture into job descriptions. Offer job-shadowing opportunities during the interview process. And don’t hesitate to share with candidates your favorite reasons for working with the company.  

2. Offer competitive pay and benefits.  

While it’s true that many tech professionals prize a supportive working environment over a mere paycheck, it’s also true that these professionals know their value. They understand what their skills bring to a company, and they seek compensation that allows them to focus on their work, not on their bills or debts.  

Make sure your pay and benefits package is competitive and attractive to top tech talent. If you can’t match the salary of the top tech companies, focus instead on benefits that may be inexpensive to implement but mean much to a candidate seeking a better work-life balance, like flex time. 

3. Innovate in your search for talent.  

Searching for candidates in the same places often means getting the same results. If your candidates aren’t measuring up to your needs, reach out to new job boards, job fairs, and other sources of tech talent. Get your message in front of a new crowd and evaluate the effects on your candidate pool and hiring.  

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