Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Director of Client Development

Many businesses emphasize strong relationships between the company and its customers. Within these companies, staff who work in client development play a key role in building and maintaining these relationships. A Director of Client Development is one such professional. 

What does a Director of Client Development do? 

Directors of Client Development support the mission and goals of the company by providing customer service support to clients, leading and training other customer service staff members, and acting as customers’ point of contact with the company.  

As part of their work, Directors of Client Development may create and implement new sales strategies, work to bring prospective customers on board, contribute to quality assurance work, and solve customer problems. They may also help train other members of the sales and customer service departments, and they may communicate regularly with executive leadership to ensure that the sales and customer service departments’ daily tasks support the business’s overall mission and goals.  

What skills and experience do I need to become a Director of Client Development? 

Many companies seek Director of Client Development candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in sales, information systems, marketing or a related field. A Master’s degree or training beyond the bachelor’s degree can help a candidate stand out from others.  

In addition, many companies wish to see a track record of success in customer service or business development. Experience in these fields can help candidates succeed in a directorship role.  

For any Director of Client Development, strong communication skills are a must. These include the ability to communicate effectively with people from a wide range of different backgrounds, with varying knowledge levels. Strong negotiation skills, an internal drive to succeed, and emphasis on the value of working relationships are vital as well.  

Where can I find work as a Director of Client Development in Minneapolis? 

 If working as a Director of Client Development appeals to you, don’t hesitate: Contact THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC today. Our recruiters can help you connect to some of the best client development positions in the greater Minneapolis area.  

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