Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Applications Sales Representative

The technology boom shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, entire careers, businesses and industries are built on the creation and sale of software applications. Applications Sales Representatives play a key role in these transactions, helping both customers and businesses reach their goals.

What does an Applications Sales Representative Do?

An Applications Sales Representative serves as the point of contact between a software company and its customers. These sales representatives specialize in understanding what their company’s applications do. They take the time to understand each customer’s needs, then combine these two knowledge sets to help customers determine exactly how the company’s software can help them succeed.

To carry out this task, Applications Sales Representatives may build relationships with new and existing customers, create and offer sales presentations, study economic and trade factors, and evaluate competing products and companies. They may communicate with other teams and departments in order to address customer complaints. They are typically responsible for tracking sales data and keeping records of their work.

What skills do I need to become an Applications Sales Representative?

As with any sales position, strong customer service skills are a must. Top-notch oral and written communication skills, a passion for continuous learning and research, and a motivation for sales are vital as well. Since Applications Sales Representatives deal with software, a strong understanding of how computer software and hardware work is a must. Programming skills, while not essential, can help these professionals better understand and explain the applications they sell.

Most Applications Sales Representatives have a four-year college degree. Employers particularly prize majors in marketing, promotions, sales and business administration. Often, some experience in sales is preferred. The ability to use office software and phone systems is a must.

Where can I find a job in Minneapolis as an Applications Sales Representative?

The best software in the world can’t help people unless people know that it exists. Applications Sales Representatives make sure that the right people know about their company’s software, so those who need the applications can use them effectively.

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